Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Power Cut

We had a scare yesterday when the electricity was suddenly cut off at home. At first I thought that it was a power trip so I went to check my circuit board. Everything was in its place.

I opened the door and the safety lights were turned on at the corridor.

It turned out that the bushfires had burned a transformer near regional Vitoria at Benella. And now we are on backup power. Millions were affected and we were one of them. It really sucked to be without electricity.

No telly. No internet. No fan during this warm weather. No music. No cooking. No lights.

It was a good thing that it's summer so the day is much longer than normal. Anyway, the biggest dilemma was that I had to pick Kayden up from daycare and I thought the gate to the carpark was locked.

But thank God it was pryed open by the building management. So I managed to get out. We hung around the mall for a bit and then came back to a complete black out. It was tough.

Just when we almost gave up on eating at home, the power came back.

Sweet relief. Especially when you feel so helpless for not being able to do anything.

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