Monday, January 08, 2007

Lunch with Kinks

Kinks was down from Sydney for the weekend. So I took the chance to meet her and her parents for lunch down @ the fish and chip bar.

Kinks and I are like kindred spirits. We share similiar views on things and the same brand of humor. I remember our days of lunching and gossiping.

It's also great to finally have a friend that is expecting. I guess having both my kids at such an early stage of my life, means that most of my peers are not likely to follow suit any time soon.

I've thoroughly enjoyed sharing preggo tales with her. Assured her of the birth cos she was totally freaking out.

That gal's belly has grown so much since I last saw her. Lil Ollie is growing really well inside her.

Her parents are pretty cool as well. You can tell that they are excited about the impending arrival. Her dad took the day off to chauffeur his daughter around. Auntie actually carried Baby J for such a long time during lunch. Lucky boy.

Anyway I was telling her that I would see her when we head up to Sydney this April. It would be lovely to see her lil boy by then.

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