Saturday, January 06, 2007


Some days when the weather is sweltering hot... you can help but turn on the air conditioning and thank God that there is one in your house.

I am so over the hot weather. It is ridiculously warm and humid. So warm that it turns you off sleeping. There's a heat wave going on all over town. And I've heard from the news that it is not even snowing in New York. Talk about global warming.

I think it would get better tomorrow. I sure hope it will. Bring on the cool change.

And in other news, sometimes I wish I'm a man. In times like this, when your husband has pissed the crap outta you and you feel like smacking him silly. The dude manages to fall asleep, whereas yours truly is still angry and typing really hard on my keyboard.

I need to sleep. Or I need to whack something right now!!! Arghz!!

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