Thursday, January 04, 2007


Dear Kayden,
It is hard to believe that you've turned fifteen months old today. It just felt like everything happened at the blink of an eye since you were born.

I cannot ask for a better child than you [other than your lil bro]. You are independent, cheerful, loving and giving. Such traits that make me so proud as your mom.

I remember the day that you were born. Seven hours of labour and still no baby. It was a tough one and it was such a painful experience, even the epidural wasn't working. But yet when the doctor showed your lil being to me after the c-section, I felt like you have been there forever.

You were such an easy baby to look after. I'm always happy to tell everyone that you've started sleeping thru the night at eleven weeks. Even your grandma didn't believe me till she saw it for herself. That said, both sets of grandparents spoil you and your brother like crazy. You guys get everything that you want from them.

These days you like to scoot around on your own around the house. Your curiosity usually gets the better side of you so you will go around testing all your boundaries. Most of the time, you will fling things onto the floor and I would have to go around to clean up after you. Daddy's philosophy is just to leave it on the ground since you are simply gonna chuck it back on the ground after we clean up. *shakes head*

Your love for food always amazes me. Most things go down well with you. And you are quite content to feed yourself at mealtimes. But when u are done, you will make all these funny faces at me... as though you are mocking me for not knowing the exact amount that you basically require.

Your dad and I are still eagerly waiting for you to start walking. For some reason or another, you are confident in standing on your own and you can walk whilst holding onto furniture. You are so happy walking on your knees but when we try to hoist you up to walk, you will go all jello on us.

The last few evenings have been rather interesting. You've learnt to sit on the couch and watch telly with us. And you would shower your daddy with kisses and cuddles during the commercial breaks.

You've started to appreciate having a lil brother. I remember when he was born, you did not take an instant liking for him, especially after we brought him home from the hospital. I'd reckon that was when you knew that he was here to stay for good.

These days, you love to play with him on the playgym and feed him your stuff. Yet at the same time you have no idea how much strength you have when you step all over you lil brother. Not your fault, really. You are just a lil boy yourself too.

The funniest thing I find is when I tell you sternly about the things that you cannot do and you would respond in the same manner to me. You love to command Rustie to sit and you really adore him. You'll feed him and play fetch with him. Most mornings you would wake up and give him a good cuddle. It's just in you, my dear, this love for animals. Sometimes your dad thinks that you might believe that you are a lil doggie yourself.

Anyway I can go on writing about the things that you do. It never fails to amaze me. You are indeed a mommy's boy. Most nights you will come and cuddle me before going to bed. You will also sing your own songs while your daddy reads to you. Funny as.

We love you honey. Walk soon!

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