Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Day of Firsts

Gosh if anytime's a great time to be a parent, it most definitely is NOW. Both boys are so amusing, in their own right that I really love spending the day with them.

Kayden @ this stage
  • Waves goodbye to people
  • Knows how to nod his head when we ask him stuff
  • shakes his head occasionally
  • falls asleep while getting his hair cut
  • part crawling part walking. he does this funny inverted crawl
  • capable of feeding himself and sitting quietly to eat
  • knows how to kiss his daddy and mommy
  • knows how to retort when he gets a light scolding and act his way out of it
  • has the biggest laugh and spirit ever
  • makes monkey faces
Baby J @ this point
  • is sleeping through the night!!
  • laughs when he sees us.
  • laughs when tickled.
  • knows how to pretend cry...
  • holds his baby pillows for cuddles
  • pulls his tshirt up whenever he cries
I love my boys. I never thought I understand how parental love is till now. And I am amazed at the magnitude of it all. Thank you God for giving me my three lovely boys!

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