Friday, January 26, 2007

A Day at Yarra Valley

So we decided earlier in the week to take a trip down to Yarra Valley for Australia Day. The weather was perfect for a short road trip. The air was crisp and most importantly, the sun was out.

The husband and I love wine country. So far we've been to the Yarra, Hunter and the Barossa. Yarra is always our favorite. Just a hop skip away from the city.

They serve amazing modern cuisine with local fresh produce. Their wines are rich in body and taste. We usually dine at Yerring Station and then whatever remaining time left would be spent wandering around the different vineyards.

We had a lovely chat on our way down to to Yarra Glen. Our first stop was "Stones in Yarra Valley". A walk around the estate and we realized that there was a wedding chapel on their grounds! Man... I wish we had spent a bit more time investigating venues when we got wed.

The original barn in 1850s in the picture frame

Their restaurant was a converted barn with those lovely wooden beams. However, we chose not to do tasting there as their wines were sourced from other vineyards.

Crispy Duck with Almond Feta Salad

Our tummies were rumbling by then so we left for Yerring Station. Food as usual was yummy. Their service was immaculate. We each had an entree and a main each, and dessert to share. A glass of wine was a definite and I had the Chardonnay that left me craving for more, [but have to drive so... no no]. The Yabby royale with yabbies and rabbit tails was extremely appertising. Yumz.

Down the aisles of Yerring Station

It was a loooong lunch. By the the time we were done, we only had time to wine taste there. The husband was happy. He knew he wanted to get a couple of bottles by the time we were enroute to the cellar door.

Cellar Door @ Yerring Station

I met a Singaporean mommy there and we had a good chat. Her lil boy was the same age as my older one. And I realized that she has only been here for six months. We exchanged numbers and I told her to give me a buzz whenever she's in the city. Would love for the boys to meet up and play.

I got a bottle of red wine vinegar and red wine jus for home. Four bottles of wine later... we were set to leave.

By then the boys have had enough.. not before stopping to admire the helicopter parked on the grounds.

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