Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The House

We've finally settled on an area to buy. So now it's come down to two locations. We expect to either demolish and build again OR refurbish!

It's terribly exciting times and what we were looking for was a huge plot of land so that we can have a guaranteed rate of potential growth and plans for future development housing wise.

I am quite keen to bomb and build, really. So that we can have a house that we want and not having to compromise on the layouts and the usual wastage of space.

I am so excited right now that I can't wait to put an offer in... Now just need to talk to the bank and the builders. O boy!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


"It's ok to love, learn and move on."

After watching "Prime" the other night... and I really love this film for its realistic point of view, I've learnt a few things.
  1. There would come a point to some relationships where you know both parties have done their best and it's now time to let that person go and move on
  2. Autumn-Spring relationships bring some zest to a relationship and could teach each party unexpected lessons
  3. The stylist for the movie has impeccable taste
  4. Uma Thurman looked really lovely in this show
  5. I miss courtship! Haha...
Another quote that I really like," You like having sex, Raphie? Then dun get him the Nintendo!"

Monday, January 29, 2007

These precious words

The husband mentioned this yesterday

"You know what? I actually married you at my poorest!"

Looking back, it seemed pretty true. We were both just starting out in our respective fields. Not much savings and all.

But we had a lovely wedding. Something that he is really really proud of becos of all the handmade touches that we did ourselves.

That's why they call marriage the leap of faith, hunni.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Coffee Thoughts

There is this cafe that is located at this lil lane, off Coventry Street. A funny location for biz but it supposedly good coffee. And I dun even remember its name!

So we went there for a cuppa today. I love the space they have there. So lofty and sunny. The coffee was pretty good. The people were friendly.

Most of all, it was so chilled that we had a good time catching up on our current affairs, which is what Sunday is all about.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

House Hunting

So we are back on the house hunting trail..

After that intensive search that we did in late november early december... we took a long hiatus cos the market was just dead. No showing no auctions till February.

We had a lot of thoughts along the way. I must say that while we are still amateurs in this property game, we are slowly finding our feet out of the freezing waters.

As they say in real estate, it's location location location.

I cannot say much about what we are looking for till we find it and settle down. For we have plans to let it do some work for us as well.

But am I glad that we did not settle for anything less than our expectations. And that I have my hubbi to thank. :)

Till then, I reckon the search continues.

Friday, January 26, 2007

A Day at Yarra Valley

So we decided earlier in the week to take a trip down to Yarra Valley for Australia Day. The weather was perfect for a short road trip. The air was crisp and most importantly, the sun was out.

The husband and I love wine country. So far we've been to the Yarra, Hunter and the Barossa. Yarra is always our favorite. Just a hop skip away from the city.

They serve amazing modern cuisine with local fresh produce. Their wines are rich in body and taste. We usually dine at Yerring Station and then whatever remaining time left would be spent wandering around the different vineyards.

We had a lovely chat on our way down to to Yarra Glen. Our first stop was "Stones in Yarra Valley". A walk around the estate and we realized that there was a wedding chapel on their grounds! Man... I wish we had spent a bit more time investigating venues when we got wed.

The original barn in 1850s in the picture frame

Their restaurant was a converted barn with those lovely wooden beams. However, we chose not to do tasting there as their wines were sourced from other vineyards.

Crispy Duck with Almond Feta Salad

Our tummies were rumbling by then so we left for Yerring Station. Food as usual was yummy. Their service was immaculate. We each had an entree and a main each, and dessert to share. A glass of wine was a definite and I had the Chardonnay that left me craving for more, [but have to drive so... no no]. The Yabby royale with yabbies and rabbit tails was extremely appertising. Yumz.

Down the aisles of Yerring Station

It was a loooong lunch. By the the time we were done, we only had time to wine taste there. The husband was happy. He knew he wanted to get a couple of bottles by the time we were enroute to the cellar door.

Cellar Door @ Yerring Station

I met a Singaporean mommy there and we had a good chat. Her lil boy was the same age as my older one. And I realized that she has only been here for six months. We exchanged numbers and I told her to give me a buzz whenever she's in the city. Would love for the boys to meet up and play.

I got a bottle of red wine vinegar and red wine jus for home. Four bottles of wine later... we were set to leave.

By then the boys have had enough.. not before stopping to admire the helicopter parked on the grounds.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I thought about a lot of things today.

I thought about the past, the present and the future.

Maybe it's becos Darien and I have made some rather important decisions about our lives. And that we are sorta settled on what we have to do for not just us, but our two lil boys and our families.

It's been a long road getting here. Lots of things that we've come across and encountered.

While I would like to say that I am there already... somehow it just doesn't feel like the peak yet. There's still so much more to achieve and so much more to prove.

I thought about relationships in general. About how things form and how it evolves.

Somehow it led me to think about how we tend to lose our innocence as life goes on. It's quite sad that those rose tinted shades just get more transparent as we grow older.

All this things make me feel so melacholic and nostalgic and I guess it's all part and parcel of life.

Anyway change would be the only definite constant in our lives. Some good some bad. Some that I certainly could not predict. I guess I am lucky to have Darien next to me while I go further on this journey. Good or bad.

He says that we are a good match. Well... it sure took us a long time to get where we are... :)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Australian Open

The beauty about living in Melbourne is that every January, we host the Oz Open.

Great Tennis at our doorstep and ground passes are affordable too.

It's just such a pity that we'll be missing this year's tournament cos of the kids.

Tonight we watched part of the Safin-Roddick match on the big screen downstairs.. Great match, especially with two players of similar calibre and physique.

Not bad eye candy too.

Ahh... we have to plan ahead for next year's open!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dixie Chicks

Power Cut

We had a scare yesterday when the electricity was suddenly cut off at home. At first I thought that it was a power trip so I went to check my circuit board. Everything was in its place.

I opened the door and the safety lights were turned on at the corridor.

It turned out that the bushfires had burned a transformer near regional Vitoria at Benella. And now we are on backup power. Millions were affected and we were one of them. It really sucked to be without electricity.

No telly. No internet. No fan during this warm weather. No music. No cooking. No lights.

It was a good thing that it's summer so the day is much longer than normal. Anyway, the biggest dilemma was that I had to pick Kayden up from daycare and I thought the gate to the carpark was locked.

But thank God it was pryed open by the building management. So I managed to get out. We hung around the mall for a bit and then came back to a complete black out. It was tough.

Just when we almost gave up on eating at home, the power came back.

Sweet relief. Especially when you feel so helpless for not being able to do anything.

Monday, January 15, 2007


I cannot tell you how amazing technology is.

My cousin bought me a webcam for my birthday and it took six months, a visiting friend to install it for me.

And since then it has been a blast!

My dear cousins from the good old USofA has managed to see the kids on a regular basis and my folks have been setting sunday nights for a weekly checkup on their precious grandkids.

The best moment has to be when Kayden started walking his first four steps and my dad & mom actually managed to see that on the other side of the globe. It was tres amazing.

Anyway the lil rascal likes being on camera too. He would kiss the lens and then wave goodbye. Quite funny, really.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Day of Firsts

Gosh if anytime's a great time to be a parent, it most definitely is NOW. Both boys are so amusing, in their own right that I really love spending the day with them.

Kayden @ this stage
  • Waves goodbye to people
  • Knows how to nod his head when we ask him stuff
  • shakes his head occasionally
  • falls asleep while getting his hair cut
  • part crawling part walking. he does this funny inverted crawl
  • capable of feeding himself and sitting quietly to eat
  • knows how to kiss his daddy and mommy
  • knows how to retort when he gets a light scolding and act his way out of it
  • has the biggest laugh and spirit ever
  • makes monkey faces
Baby J @ this point
  • is sleeping through the night!!
  • laughs when he sees us.
  • laughs when tickled.
  • knows how to pretend cry...
  • holds his baby pillows for cuddles
  • pulls his tshirt up whenever he cries
I love my boys. I never thought I understand how parental love is till now. And I am amazed at the magnitude of it all. Thank you God for giving me my three lovely boys!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Closet Diet

::messy messy::

My wardrobe's getting really cramped with all the clothes that I have. And it doesn't help that I buy a piece or two once a week...

It has become a situation where : amount of clothes > closet space

So I figured it's time to clear out. To put my closet on a diet.

There are heaps of things that I haven't worn yet. Some I bought becos I thought they were pretty. Some I bought when I was at the last trimester of my pregnancy, where I go into crazy buying buying buying mode. *seriously not recommended*

I've decided that I would pop some stuff on ebay, which I did last night and someone bought my Lover blouse at its ridiculous buy it now price. Oh well. I guess one woman's junk is another woman's treasure.

I'm going back to ramage it tonight to see what else I can sell. Great inspiration to get my bum moving to clear some space!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Being Brothers

Being a big brother means...

Playing Tug of war

Changing Activities

Feeding the baby

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Sweet Treat

::I love my cake stand::

You gotta love Bill Granger. He is my aussie version of Jamie O.

Doesn't that pound cake look yummy?! So easy to make too.

And a great stress reliever...

Needless to say, the boys love it. There's only half left!

Monday, January 08, 2007


Okay so having cake and coffee after dinner is definitely not good for sleep.

It was, however, relaxing and good for the soul. Something that we dun usually do on a weeknight.

I am, to a certain extent, still mad at Darien. So I guess that contributes to my insomnia.

So now I'm just listening to girlie hits on YouTube. It's awesome. Like my online itunes. Fab Fab stuff. Songs that I've not heard for a long time like Sade's "By Your side" and "Vogue" by Madonna.

It reminded me that Britney Spears used to look so much better. Her songs were catchier too. Such a pity that she didn't know what to do with her life.

Ahhh... okay, clearly that is the caffeine speaking. I better go.

Lunch with Kinks

Kinks was down from Sydney for the weekend. So I took the chance to meet her and her parents for lunch down @ the fish and chip bar.

Kinks and I are like kindred spirits. We share similiar views on things and the same brand of humor. I remember our days of lunching and gossiping.

It's also great to finally have a friend that is expecting. I guess having both my kids at such an early stage of my life, means that most of my peers are not likely to follow suit any time soon.

I've thoroughly enjoyed sharing preggo tales with her. Assured her of the birth cos she was totally freaking out.

That gal's belly has grown so much since I last saw her. Lil Ollie is growing really well inside her.

Her parents are pretty cool as well. You can tell that they are excited about the impending arrival. Her dad took the day off to chauffeur his daughter around. Auntie actually carried Baby J for such a long time during lunch. Lucky boy.

Anyway I was telling her that I would see her when we head up to Sydney this April. It would be lovely to see her lil boy by then.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Dr 90210

Watching the procedures on Dr. 90210 has seriously traumatised me.

I've gone from feeling really sleepy to being nauseous. I felt like my stomach has been flipped over several times.

Slicing through flesh is not appealing at all.

Damn those plastic surgeons! Oh why didn't I change channels..

Awake and Walking

Remember how I wrote about wanting Kayden to walk... We've gone from two steps to four this evening. Yippee Yeah!

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Some days when the weather is sweltering hot... you can help but turn on the air conditioning and thank God that there is one in your house.

I am so over the hot weather. It is ridiculously warm and humid. So warm that it turns you off sleeping. There's a heat wave going on all over town. And I've heard from the news that it is not even snowing in New York. Talk about global warming.

I think it would get better tomorrow. I sure hope it will. Bring on the cool change.

And in other news, sometimes I wish I'm a man. In times like this, when your husband has pissed the crap outta you and you feel like smacking him silly. The dude manages to fall asleep, whereas yours truly is still angry and typing really hard on my keyboard.

I need to sleep. Or I need to whack something right now!!! Arghz!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Dear Kayden,
It is hard to believe that you've turned fifteen months old today. It just felt like everything happened at the blink of an eye since you were born.

I cannot ask for a better child than you [other than your lil bro]. You are independent, cheerful, loving and giving. Such traits that make me so proud as your mom.

I remember the day that you were born. Seven hours of labour and still no baby. It was a tough one and it was such a painful experience, even the epidural wasn't working. But yet when the doctor showed your lil being to me after the c-section, I felt like you have been there forever.

You were such an easy baby to look after. I'm always happy to tell everyone that you've started sleeping thru the night at eleven weeks. Even your grandma didn't believe me till she saw it for herself. That said, both sets of grandparents spoil you and your brother like crazy. You guys get everything that you want from them.

These days you like to scoot around on your own around the house. Your curiosity usually gets the better side of you so you will go around testing all your boundaries. Most of the time, you will fling things onto the floor and I would have to go around to clean up after you. Daddy's philosophy is just to leave it on the ground since you are simply gonna chuck it back on the ground after we clean up. *shakes head*

Your love for food always amazes me. Most things go down well with you. And you are quite content to feed yourself at mealtimes. But when u are done, you will make all these funny faces at me... as though you are mocking me for not knowing the exact amount that you basically require.

Your dad and I are still eagerly waiting for you to start walking. For some reason or another, you are confident in standing on your own and you can walk whilst holding onto furniture. You are so happy walking on your knees but when we try to hoist you up to walk, you will go all jello on us.

The last few evenings have been rather interesting. You've learnt to sit on the couch and watch telly with us. And you would shower your daddy with kisses and cuddles during the commercial breaks.

You've started to appreciate having a lil brother. I remember when he was born, you did not take an instant liking for him, especially after we brought him home from the hospital. I'd reckon that was when you knew that he was here to stay for good.

These days, you love to play with him on the playgym and feed him your stuff. Yet at the same time you have no idea how much strength you have when you step all over you lil brother. Not your fault, really. You are just a lil boy yourself too.

The funniest thing I find is when I tell you sternly about the things that you cannot do and you would respond in the same manner to me. You love to command Rustie to sit and you really adore him. You'll feed him and play fetch with him. Most mornings you would wake up and give him a good cuddle. It's just in you, my dear, this love for animals. Sometimes your dad thinks that you might believe that you are a lil doggie yourself.

Anyway I can go on writing about the things that you do. It never fails to amaze me. You are indeed a mommy's boy. Most nights you will come and cuddle me before going to bed. You will also sing your own songs while your daddy reads to you. Funny as.

We love you honey. Walk soon!

To share

The thing about having two kids at such a small age gap is that you dun expect every day to be the same.

This morning I gave Kayden his usual bowl of cornflakes. I went on to do my stuff and when I went back to see how he's doing.

I saw Baby J's mouth stuffed with two pieces of conflakes. He was pretty amused.

I was quite tickled but had to tell him that he cannot share food with his brother at this stage... which I seriously doubt he understands.

One of 'em Days

My second son has tapped into his sense of awareness. He is now capable of turning and lifting his head to different positions to see where we are.

And he's started to be a lil prick who wants to be carried all day long now. The dude would not let up on his crying until you pick him up and then he'll break into the cheekiest grin ever. *faints*

Also, we are now trying to move him into his cot but without much success at this point... I guess it's back to perservering again.

And I thought they were easier to handle at this stage. NOT!


My Bottega heels arrived yesterday morning.

The packaging was beautiful. It came along with their individual shoe bags, even the husband was impressed.

It fits perfectly. The height is astronomical. So it has been termed as dinner shoes for now. But it is so comfortable. The details were amazing.

I think I will let the pictures do the talking.

The side

The heel

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

This thing called Love

My mother used to tell me that relationships are whole lot easier in the past.

Boy meets girl. Go on date. Fall in love. Pak-tor for a bit. Get married. Have multiple kids. Grow old together.

She then said that people these days are too fussy about things. The girls always have higher expectations for their men, like lifestyle affordability, cars, chivalry and such. So if one does not satisfy, they will head off to find another. Vice versa.

Well, sometimes I wonder if that is true.

But lately I've been looking around me... and somehow her words are quite prophetic to a certain extent.

Our friends are getting married a lot later in life. Some people are just so unhappy in their relationships but refuse to walk away. Some just keep walking in and out of their partner's life becos they are so unsure about how they feel about the other party. Most married friends are delaying the possibility of trying for kids.

I guess it's a tough one these days. Relationships are always about timing. I term it the sliding doors. Certain things happen for a reason and sometimes it's best to let go if it's not working out.

It really is hard to find someone whom you can accept and know that you can share your life with. It is also necessary that the two of you would have to fit into a lifestyle that you are both comfortable with. And of course, you have to find a partner who can accept you for who you are and what you can bring to the table.

In my case, things have just fallen into place naturally.

We usually get asked how we managed to do all these things without fear or much financial planning.

To that I always tell the hubbi, life did panned itself out for us. We didn't have the most extravagant wedding. It was nice and cosy with our closest friends and family. So we didn't go into debt for that.

Our marriage was just an extension of our relationship. There wasn't big adjustments that we had to make as we were already living together.

Kayden was most definitely a surprise for us but when we found out, we were pretty much happy to welcome him into our lives. The same applies for Baby J. Parenting is not the easiest job for us but we take it with a pinch of salt. Now we've adapted our lifestyle to suit us and our kids.

We are lucky that we dun have to struggle financially at this stage.. but yet we accept that there is only a certain limit that we can spend. We plan for our kids so that they can have a much better life than ours when they grow up.

At times, we do struggle with the lack of our freedom to come and go as and when we want. We had to give up our night activities and concerts. And usually we tend to leave a lot earlier from stuff cos the kids need to go to bed.

Some days are a lil harder than others. And there are sleepless nights too. But I guess it all comes along with kids. At times like this, we have to console each other that it would only get better when they get older.

So at twenty five, I've got married to a wonderful man, have two beautiful kids and a healthy doggie. We might not be the richest people out there but we are definitely blessed with health and a lot of goodwill.

Now all I want is to get my bum back to work and continue my career from where I left off. And of course to find that lovely home that I can live in.

That's my two cents worth of thoughts for the day.

Monday, January 01, 2007

The Transition Weekend

Baby J and me @ Hot Chocolate
James and us

Our lil puppet

The gang

Waiting for the fireworks to begin

The hubbi and me! with the botak back of Baby J's head.

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