Thursday, December 28, 2006


They say good eating habits are developed from young.

Darien and I are pretty keen on teaching Kayden the wonders of eating his vegs. I think we are quite successful so far. The lil one has no issues eating them in any given form, raw or cooked.

BUT we may have been a lil too enthusiastic.

Kayden is now almost a pseudo vegetarian. He loves his vegs and donates his meat to his doggie whenever he can.

I was wondering what would turn him off eating meat. It can't be that bad or awful tasting.

Then I realized...

I was tickling him last night and he flopped his head backwards while laughing. There in his mouth were four white spots... The lil dude is teething...

Aiyah... four @ a go. No wonder he's not too keen to chew..

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