Friday, December 15, 2006

The thing with two..

The other day, we had a lovely picnic at the gardens...

And I was the only mommy with two kids.

Needless to say I was busy. My toddler was busy chomping food down his throat and racing his truck all around the grass. And my lil kiddo wanted to be held all the time... Thank God it was a group of mothers so they were more than happy to give him cuddles.

We had fun... The husband joined us later and then we headed off to the night market.

I brought them to playgroup today and B came and said, "Pam, you dunno how clucky my partner was after seeing Baby J that day. He was talking to his mom on the way home and was just describing how much hair the lil one has."

It was funny. I can't wait for more babies to be conceived so that Baby J would have some friends to play with... or else... he would have to grow a lil quicker to play with his big brother's buddies.

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