Monday, December 11, 2006

Suppa Thoughts!

The entire apartment smells of fried oil now.

Just deepfried some chicken wings for the hubbi and me. We had dinner at Dawn's house. Yummy BUT spicy assam laksa.

But it's not fufilling enough.. so I decided to have a lil supper treat for us both.

It was good comfort food but a tad oily for this time of the night!


In other random news, Kayden is finally starting to walk on his own. I reckon it would be a couple of weeks before he can finally walk without leaning on furniture.

He is so cute at forteen months. I wish he could stay this way for a looooong time.

Every day he would kiss his lil brother. Try to bottle feed him. Share his toys with him. And he will sayang him.

His understanding of the environment around him is incredible. He was trying to drive our car that day. His bemused daddy was telling me that he would turn the steering wheel and then adjust the clutch. It was amazing to watch. And I heard him singing to himself in the bath that day. He could sing and dance with the telly as well. And he knows that the remote control is used for changing channels.

My brillant lil boy. How I love him so!

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