Friday, December 08, 2006

SG Thoughts

The trip back to SG has made me realize a couple of things.
  1. There are simply too many cars on the road. Even expressways are like roads. Seriously it takes a longer time to travel by car than by train. Quite ridiculous I'd say.

  2. Luxury shopping is nothing in SG. Even the Gucci store in Takashimaya is like a market place. They even leave the doors open and just let the crowds wander in and out. There is nothing exclusive about the shop at all.

    Chanel is an exception. It still felt like a really nice store to shop in. The bags are spectacular. They do have a larger range than the store in Melbourne. Service was fantastic. The husband thinks that this is a lil more exclusive than the Gucci store. Nothing took his fancy when we walked into Gucci.

  3. Food, as usual, was really really good. All diets went out of the window whenever we are back. We had our fill of local fare. All we wanted to dine in were the hawker centres. Hehe... no fine dining at all!

  4. It was HOT HOT HOT and HUMID. I almost died when Mom insisted that I wore jeans for my grandma's eulogy. I did it anyway but most times I was just decked out in shorts... much to my mother's dismay.

  5. Mobile phones are just everywhere. We upgraded our phones to the Samsung D900. The current phones are all having issues due to our phone sucking son. So we had no choice but to upgrade. Heh! Me like it heaps!

  6. Men's clothing sizing runs small. Darien could not find anything that would seriously fit him, let alone flatter him. Only Zara had clothes that suit him and we are only talking about a small range. Damn.... that means no shopping at all for him if we do move back other than Hugo Boss. [which is pretty expensive for daily wear]

  7. Itz babies galore. I was just telling Ros that I see pregnant women everywhere. A lot of baby strollers on the streets. And kids all over! Seems like the government's baby bonus is working. But man! Too many, ain't it.

  8. Vivocity was a pretty nice place to shop at. It was huge by SG standards. And they had a pretty decent range of stores there. We stocked up on baby clothes and some stuff for the hubbi.

  9. Changi airport is a dream. So many things to buy and eat inside the terminal. Melbourne has a lot to catch up on ... seriously.
Well, that's about it, really. Not much time to really do anything. Just the last two crazy days that we had for ourselves and so that's how the above post came about.

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