Monday, December 11, 2006

The Scanlan Sale

Scanlan started their seasonal sale today. The discounts were not as substantial as previous seasons. But oh well, it's back to the price versus size debate.

High price got size. Wait for lower pricing and the desired size is always gone.

So all I got out of the sale was one dress. [I think my husband would be really proud of me] It's so gorgeous. You can do it up in ten different ways.

The SA told me to bring it back after the sale so that she can show me the various styles I can try with the dress.

As usual, when I brought it home... I have no clue how she did it. sighz...

Guess I have to take her up on her offer. Gotta bring it back after Christmas for some styling tips.

I am still debating about a couple of pieces and this time round I think I have a lil bit more self control.

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