Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Had my eye on a gorgeous tweed-like dress from Scanlan but I didn't rush to buy it becos it was still pretty pricey.

So I hopped in yesterday and tried it on. The hubbi loved it. Offered to buy it for me for Christmas. [Dude had no clue what I wanted. I dun even know what I want. So no prezzie till later.. ]

I declined.

Went to the Armadale store. Tried it on. Liked it but still no further price reduction.

Then I went to the counter and I saw their list of further reduced stuff and it was there. Down by $150. My goodness. What a difference a day makes.

The SA, however, was reluctant to give it to me at the reduced price so I left and promptly called the city store to put one on hold for me.

However, the dress there had some pulls so I told them to tranfer the one from Armadale down. And the lovely SA complied... and they got a dress down from Brisbane, the tank dress that was sold out everywhere.

Been to the Armadale store twice, and both times the service is terrible.. *shakes head* How hard is it to please a customer. Seriously!

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