Friday, December 22, 2006

The Bird

We are having a Christmas dinner tomorrow night.

And I am in charge of turkey roasting.

I remember roasting a really yummy one two years back when we had a party down at Ashburton, when the old gang was still here. We also had two korean chicks, one of them really weird and speaks really loudly. And trance music. A whole lot of food and alcohol. No kids.

This year we are hoping to have a nice sit down dinner with a proper menu.

That said we have a pregnant woman to think of. No, it's not me, at last!

So no brie, no raw food, minimal seafood... The list goes on.

I asked the husband this morning, on the way to see the maternal nurse...

"So would a 2.5-3 kg turkey be enough for eight?"

"Dun think so."

"Oh dear we are going to need a bigger bird."

So I guess I'm off to the market now... to jostle with the crowds... so that I can tell my poultry seller that I need a larger turkey for this festive season.

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