Saturday, December 30, 2006

All Summed up

OMG we've officially hit the last day of 2006.

Time has seriously flown by, like a flutter of an eyelid.

We've been thru different highs and lows this year. Most certainly, it has been an eyeopener for me. From a single working adult to being a fulltime mom, it has been one hellava transition for me.

The boys bring a lot of joy to us. At this stage, my older one is going thru his exploration stage. He is quite capable of entertaining himself alone. Most times, he would be playing happily on his own. He is capable of mimicing our every movement, just by observing our actions once.

Baby J, on the other hand, is starting to be aware of his surroundings. He laughs so much these days. Loud chuckles that make me smile.. And the best part is, when he wakes up.. he would silently wait in his bed till someone wakes up.. no cries at all.

There were, of course, times when I question my own sanity on my decision to have kids. These usually happen during the trying moments when both boys are demanding and clearly insistent on havin' their own ways in things.

Sometimes I look to the other half and wonder aloud about how different our lives would be, if it was just the two of us alone. He would then tell me that he does not regret a single moment since we've had our lil ones in our lives.

The following year would be packed with lots of transitions. Perhaps it would bring us to a different level altogether. But I know that we would be able to go thru it as a family.

My husband is one that I know I can lean on for all things. And I am thankful that I've the opportunity to live my life out with him. He affirms his love for me on a daily basis and has certainly given a lot of himself for us and our lil ones. I love ya babe... just wanted u to know.

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In a wider spectrum of events, 2006 marked a couple of highs and lows.

24 November was the day that my ah-ma passed on. No other news have ever shocked me to my core or left my heart aching for such a long time. I still miss her till today. I remember seeing her in her coffin and her un-dyed hair roots just reminded me of how unexpected her passing must have been. But I am grateful for the wonderful times that I had with her and that I had the honor to speak of her at her funeral, alongside with my cousins.

Barely a month later, my disabled auntie passed on as well. She was 56. I guess my mum was the hardest hit among us cos it was her sister. We didn't rush back for the funeral this time round. Instead, my sis was the one who kept me informed of all the proceedings.

My dear friend, Kinks, got married to a wonderful man. And they are expecting a baby boy this coming year. Great stuff.

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So here's to a wonderful close to an absolutely fantastic year. I sure hope that you all have had great memories of 2006!

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