Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Wiggles

I have to say... that I normally dun really support commercial children's TV.

I think it probably stems from the product endorsements and toys that follow the program. This kinda turns me off.

It just reminds me of the days when McD's would advertise to children so that they would convince their parents to bring them there.

Anyway Kayden watches Baby Einstein Dvds a couple of times a week. They play classical music while flashing images of actual objects. He's learnt quite a bit from that.

Today I was turning on my Foxtel when I decided to peruse the children's section. Turns out they were going to show "The Wiggles" in a couple of minutes. So I decided to curb my curiosity about this kids phenomenon. How can four grown men be that attractive?

So I switched the channel and they were singing and dancing @ the start of the show. I got Kayden to dance with the songs and HE LIKES IT! Oh man...

He actually sat on my lap for almost the entire show, and stood up when the songs came on and wiggled his lil bum to them. Funny as.

The show turned out to be rather educational. They were teaching the kids about healthy eating, not that my son understands. But it wasn't as bad as what I thought.

Told his Daddy about it and he just laughed.. We just might've created a Wiggles fan today. Oh dear...

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