Monday, November 27, 2006


My lil baby turned three months yesterday! It just felt like he's been here forever. That's the things with kids... they might just be in your life for a short time but yet it feels like you've always had them. That's why they call it a life changing experience!

We've had lots of ups and downs with this lil one. He was so perfect when he was born. Not an ounce of imperfection. Absolutely alert. I had the most amazing birth as well.

Then somewhere along the line, he's developed eczema. And that was a lil painful on both us as well as his skin. He was just irritable all the time. We tried all different ways to try and appease him but it wasn't working till the visit to the GP. And thank God we got that sorted. So now he's got baby smooth skin again!

This third month was special. He started to smile. It brought such joy to my heart when he responded to our finger teasing and cheek prodding. Every morning when he wakes up, he would excitedly kick his limbs when with a HUGE grin on his face! And he would smile and giggle when we pick him up for cuddles.

He's been a pretty big sized baby as well. Putting on the pounds rather steadily. Those cheeks are getting chubby. We are also starting to feel the impact of his weight especially after carrying him for awhile.

We are really pleased about how Kayden has taken to his role of being a big brother. He's starting to understand how lil J functions and would in his own innocent way wants to feed him or pet-pet him. It's quite endearing to see.

I can't wait for them to grow up and be best buddies. That would be my prayer.

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