Saturday, November 11, 2006


Haven't been feeling 100 percent lately.

The nose is stuck and the throat is scratchy.

Both boys are feeling it too. And they've got mucus-ey noses and are coughing a lil.

Not Good.

Oh well... at least we've got Baby J's eczema sorted out so he's a happy trooper now. No more dry itchy flakey skin. It's back to baby softness and goodness now.

AND I'll try not to jinx myself BUT he is starting to sleep through the night. Yippeez! I am so excited that I cannot tell you how elated I am.

Anywayz am feeling a tad better but still a bit woozy. Better go off to bed now!


  1. Hi, I have been reading your blog recently. I am also a mom of 2. My lil baby also suffers from eczema mainly on her cheeks. How did you help baby J to get through his eczema? I am keen to know.

  2. Hi Harimau,
    He has quite severe eczema all over his body so the GP recommended the ADVANTAN CREAM. I think you might need a prescription for that. It certainly works up a treat becos he was healed in two days. You should see results immediately after application and the baby would feel a lot more comfortable as well. HTH.


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