Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Grandma

Mom called this arvo and said that Grandma has passed on.

It was the saddest piece of news I've received. I couldn't help but broke down when I heard it. She passed the phone over to Dad and he started to cry when he heard me sobbed.

It's hard to accept that she's gone. Itz like my grandma was always there. Thru all her sicknesses and broken bones, she's always been an alert lady.

The past few years have shown that age was catching up cos she started to forget certain things.

My grandma was the matriach of the Tng Family. She held her own against all the politics and never once let down her pride.

That said, she loves all of her grandkids. Her biggest smiles are left for her grandchildren and this can be seen on the photos that were taken.

Whenever we had the chance to visit her, she would always sit there and hold our hands and just ask us how things are going.I remember her kissing us whenever we are about to leave after visiting her.

I remember her as a funny grandma. She always ask me about my hair color whenever I see her. And then she'll say that it's a pretty color. "Very nice" were the exact words. Then I'll tease her by saying that she should dye her hair pink. To which, she would just shake her head and laugh... and called me crazy.

She was always so proud of our achievements.

She would encourage everyone to go to the university and make sure that we would graduate. Explaining to us that she would love to come to our graduation.. it's just a pity that she was too weak to fly by the time I got my degree.

She was also a picky eater. Loves to pick at food but not eat an entire meal in a go. We were always conscious of what food we would buy her whenever we visit and would urge her to finish it up.

My grandma left behind seven kids, eighteen grand kids and fifteen great-grandchildren. Her life has been filled with love by the children that she's brought up and her grandkids that she adored. I will miss her terribly but I know I will see her again.

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