Wednesday, November 08, 2006

F.O.U.R. Years!

Who would've thought it has only been four years?

Darien and I have just celebrated our anniversary. And it was Cup day!

It was just a simple day with the kids. Coffee in the morning at Providore. Followed by takeaway lunch and then catching up on the Melbourne Cup! And then it was DVDs time.

We couldn't make it out of the house for a good intimate dinner becos we didn't have a sitter. So the husband promised to make it up when we head back to Singers.. now that I can't wait...

But we spent a lot of time just chilling out and enjoying each other's company. It was the nicest day with no agenda.

IT has been an intensive four years. Itz like our lives had gone on the fast track. He has been a wonderful husband. The easiest [though the messiest] person to live with. He gives the best bear hugs ever...

I never thought that Darien would be the kind of Daddy that he is. Loving, patient and playful.. he has always been there for the kids. And I think that blows me away.

Above all, he is a great friend. Someone whom I have a silly time with. He comforts me when I'm feeling down. Listens to my words when I wanna speak and gives me the space to grow into the woman that I'm meant to be. Sometimes drives me up the wall with his funny research findings and all.

I love you, babe. Oh gawd! Who's to know what will be thrown into our laps in the years to come. But I'm pretty sure that there's nothing that we can't handle. After all, what can be harder than juggling two kids within a span of two years.

I'm glad that I've got you, even though you annoy the crap outta me sometimes. And I'm probably the only person who can understand your crazy lifestyle and occasionally weird dietary regimes. But opposites attract, I suppose. Especially in our case.. *winkz*

Anyway I can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together and see how it all turns out. I'm sure we will have a crazy unpredictable ride, as we always do.

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