Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Child's Food

When Kayden turned one, we had to make decisions about his diet becos it was time that he cut back his dependence on milk.

So Darien and I had to make a decision on what goes into his digestive system.

We started him on organic when he was six months old. The payoffs were his glowing skin and his health.

He is a happy kid who would chomp down most things offered to him. In fact, his biggest peeve is being hungry. He would go ,"mamamamama" when his tummy is growling.

So since food was going to his main staple, instead of milk, we thought we would have to see what is good for him.

We decided to continue his diet with fresh produce and vegs. None of the bottled baby food.

He gets stuff like a good aged cheddar, organic vegetables and fruits, finger food, porridge, fish and stews. He laps whatever that is offered to him in a good manner usually. Me, a proud mama, is happy to say that he eats his vegs!

Occasionally he gets a choc muffin, ice cream and treats that kids get... My dad used to go "ICE CREAM" and that would stop the lil boy in his tracks. He would do anything for ice cream...

Just today, we had sushi and sashimi for dinner.. and the boy just goes for the cucumber ones. Funny as.

I'm just glad that he's not a fussy eater. Another four more months and Baby J joins the wagon. I can't imagine my children not loving their food. It's just too good to miss.

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