Monday, November 20, 2006

Can I just say that....

U2 is probably the greatest band on earth?

My gawd! The concert was spectacular.

Six months after rescheduling their concert... Darien and I hopped to Telstra Dome for an awesome awesome night of entertainment by U2 and their opening act, Kanye West.

Kanye was all that the papers say he was. I was clearly taken away by his rapping. He performed a forty five minute act and it was a good ensemble that he's put together...but I must say that he does like his crouching position quite a fair bit.

We went off for a short munching session after the opening act and then headed back in for U2.

There is no one greater than BONO in my opinion. He was simply the consummate performer. Worked the crowd. His voice was identical to what we listen to on his CDs. It was a political concert by far but he kept it real thru out.

We crooned to the familiar songs. Danced to the more upbeat ones and most of all, just sat at the edge of our seats enjoying them.

Good old days, mate... like when we were dating!

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