Friday, November 24, 2006

Busy Busy

Things have been getting busier around the household.

With the lil one almost turning three months old, he's a lot more responsive and is now making his needs and wants in a rather obvious manner.


On the plus side, he is just so chirpy and playful. Giggles when I tease his chin and smiles when his big brother is close by. This lil baby is starting to develop his own personality!

Kayden, on the other hand, is blossoming to be a lil boy. He's no longer that baby where we have to tend to 24-7. In fact, he's starting to be rather independent. We went for a small picnic with the other mommies of the playgroup. And towards the end, he went around to all the moms and gave them big cuddles. He made his mama so proud today... I really hope he'll grow up to be a boy who's sensitive to other people's needs and be an affectionate kid too.

I'm starting to plot my return to the working world. A call from the new boss two weeks back has triggered an awakening of career wants. And since then I've been chatting with the husband about the possibility of going back to work. And of course, that meant child care as well.

For now, I'm thinking of some part time work. And then when the kids get older, we can consider going back to the workforce full time. I do enjoy time with my kids. I love the fact that I see their every achievement. Needless to say, they share a really close bond with me becos I'm their primary caretaker.

But I think I need to fufil that working need in me as well. Hopefully, things will work out and I would be able to sort something out with work. *fingers crossed*

Itz house hunting again tomorrow. But I will have to do it alone as Darien has a course to attend to. Itz gonna be a loooong day, especially with the kids in tow. We just need to find that ONE house that we love, in our budget.

Actually we found one but we just need to look around to make sure. So far the houses that we've seen are pushing us towards the one that we've got our mind on.

Well we will decide soon I hope. We'll see...

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