Saturday, November 11, 2006

Belinda Emmett

I dun normally write about current affairs. This is seriously starting to be, oh wait... it is a baby blog! Aiks!

But I read something that made me feel so sad that I have to jot this down.

Rove McManus' [of Rove Live] wife, Belinda Emmett, has passed on early this morning. Itz so sad because she's only 32 years of age. Had battled cancer for the last eight years. Met her husband in the midst of her fight and they'd only just got married last year.

They were unlike any other celebrity couple. They had a private life. Some thing so rare these days. He was fiercely protective of her in every way and yet... showed the public how wonderfully blessed he was to have her.

He was once quoted, "I would give every single award back, just to have her get better."

How terribly endearing is that?

I told Darien that it only shows the fraility of human life and asked if he would be devasted if anything were to happen to me. He just said, "No... Can we not talk about all these sad things tonight?"

It's a tough subject to broach. But one day we will have to talk about it. Maybe not now but some time soon...

RIP Belinda.

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