Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Grandma

Mom called this arvo and said that Grandma has passed on.

It was the saddest piece of news I've received. I couldn't help but broke down when I heard it. She passed the phone over to Dad and he started to cry when he heard me sobbed.

It's hard to accept that she's gone. Itz like my grandma was always there. Thru all her sicknesses and broken bones, she's always been an alert lady.

The past few years have shown that age was catching up cos she started to forget certain things.

My grandma was the matriach of the Tng Family. She held her own against all the politics and never once let down her pride.

That said, she loves all of her grandkids. Her biggest smiles are left for her grandchildren and this can be seen on the photos that were taken.

Whenever we had the chance to visit her, she would always sit there and hold our hands and just ask us how things are going.I remember her kissing us whenever we are about to leave after visiting her.

I remember her as a funny grandma. She always ask me about my hair color whenever I see her. And then she'll say that it's a pretty color. "Very nice" were the exact words. Then I'll tease her by saying that she should dye her hair pink. To which, she would just shake her head and laugh... and called me crazy.

She was always so proud of our achievements.

She would encourage everyone to go to the university and make sure that we would graduate. Explaining to us that she would love to come to our graduation.. it's just a pity that she was too weak to fly by the time I got my degree.

She was also a picky eater. Loves to pick at food but not eat an entire meal in a go. We were always conscious of what food we would buy her whenever we visit and would urge her to finish it up.

My grandma left behind seven kids, eighteen grand kids and fifteen great-grandchildren. Her life has been filled with love by the children that she's brought up and her grandkids that she adored. I will miss her terribly but I know I will see her again.

The House

The thing about buying a house is the fear of making the wrong decision.

We are this *shows an inch* close from making an offer. BUT am scared shitless to do so...

It is a brand new three bedroom double storey house with a double garage & a courtyard. Located fifteen minutes from the city, in an up and coming area. Close to a shopping center and for a pretty reasonable price as well. All along with a fixed interest rate hike rebate.

Very attractive.

The contract is now sitting with the solicitor and when he gets back to us with an ok... I think we will be putting in our bid. My husband has been letting me do all the work. He's too busy with his job..

Oh gawd. I am soooo excited and yet afraid @ the same time! My first home!

Someone please take this responsibility off me. I dun wanna grow up... Excuse me for a sec, I think I'm going to run and hide behind my husband now.

Monday, November 27, 2006


My lil baby turned three months yesterday! It just felt like he's been here forever. That's the things with kids... they might just be in your life for a short time but yet it feels like you've always had them. That's why they call it a life changing experience!

We've had lots of ups and downs with this lil one. He was so perfect when he was born. Not an ounce of imperfection. Absolutely alert. I had the most amazing birth as well.

Then somewhere along the line, he's developed eczema. And that was a lil painful on both us as well as his skin. He was just irritable all the time. We tried all different ways to try and appease him but it wasn't working till the visit to the GP. And thank God we got that sorted. So now he's got baby smooth skin again!

This third month was special. He started to smile. It brought such joy to my heart when he responded to our finger teasing and cheek prodding. Every morning when he wakes up, he would excitedly kick his limbs when with a HUGE grin on his face! And he would smile and giggle when we pick him up for cuddles.

He's been a pretty big sized baby as well. Putting on the pounds rather steadily. Those cheeks are getting chubby. We are also starting to feel the impact of his weight especially after carrying him for awhile.

We are really pleased about how Kayden has taken to his role of being a big brother. He's starting to understand how lil J functions and would in his own innocent way wants to feed him or pet-pet him. It's quite endearing to see.

I can't wait for them to grow up and be best buddies. That would be my prayer.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Busy Busy

Things have been getting busier around the household.

With the lil one almost turning three months old, he's a lot more responsive and is now making his needs and wants in a rather obvious manner.


On the plus side, he is just so chirpy and playful. Giggles when I tease his chin and smiles when his big brother is close by. This lil baby is starting to develop his own personality!

Kayden, on the other hand, is blossoming to be a lil boy. He's no longer that baby where we have to tend to 24-7. In fact, he's starting to be rather independent. We went for a small picnic with the other mommies of the playgroup. And towards the end, he went around to all the moms and gave them big cuddles. He made his mama so proud today... I really hope he'll grow up to be a boy who's sensitive to other people's needs and be an affectionate kid too.

I'm starting to plot my return to the working world. A call from the new boss two weeks back has triggered an awakening of career wants. And since then I've been chatting with the husband about the possibility of going back to work. And of course, that meant child care as well.

For now, I'm thinking of some part time work. And then when the kids get older, we can consider going back to the workforce full time. I do enjoy time with my kids. I love the fact that I see their every achievement. Needless to say, they share a really close bond with me becos I'm their primary caretaker.

But I think I need to fufil that working need in me as well. Hopefully, things will work out and I would be able to sort something out with work. *fingers crossed*

Itz house hunting again tomorrow. But I will have to do it alone as Darien has a course to attend to. Itz gonna be a loooong day, especially with the kids in tow. We just need to find that ONE house that we love, in our budget.

Actually we found one but we just need to look around to make sure. So far the houses that we've seen are pushing us towards the one that we've got our mind on.

Well we will decide soon I hope. We'll see...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


The boy who likes to eat
An entire sushi platter for me

Auntie Jules and Lil J

Monday, November 20, 2006

The Search

House Hunting is probably the most tiring thing anyone can do.

We spent the weekend prowling the papers looking for a house to buy. Got a couple within our budget and we were off to see what we've got.

It was a tedious job. Two entire days spent holed up in the car. Eating all the crap that was out there. Seeing houses that are quite appalling at times.

Becos it will be the most expensive thing that we've ever put our money on, we had to make sure we are certain of the place that we are getting.

So far, only one caught our eyes. Itz a lil out of our budget, especially now that we are on one income. So we are still looking...

And I hope the search will end soon.....

Can I just say that....

U2 is probably the greatest band on earth?

My gawd! The concert was spectacular.

Six months after rescheduling their concert... Darien and I hopped to Telstra Dome for an awesome awesome night of entertainment by U2 and their opening act, Kanye West.

Kanye was all that the papers say he was. I was clearly taken away by his rapping. He performed a forty five minute act and it was a good ensemble that he's put together...but I must say that he does like his crouching position quite a fair bit.

We went off for a short munching session after the opening act and then headed back in for U2.

There is no one greater than BONO in my opinion. He was simply the consummate performer. Worked the crowd. His voice was identical to what we listen to on his CDs. It was a political concert by far but he kept it real thru out.

We crooned to the familiar songs. Danced to the more upbeat ones and most of all, just sat at the edge of our seats enjoying them.

Good old days, mate... like when we were dating!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Child's Food

When Kayden turned one, we had to make decisions about his diet becos it was time that he cut back his dependence on milk.

So Darien and I had to make a decision on what goes into his digestive system.

We started him on organic when he was six months old. The payoffs were his glowing skin and his health.

He is a happy kid who would chomp down most things offered to him. In fact, his biggest peeve is being hungry. He would go ,"mamamamama" when his tummy is growling.

So since food was going to his main staple, instead of milk, we thought we would have to see what is good for him.

We decided to continue his diet with fresh produce and vegs. None of the bottled baby food.

He gets stuff like a good aged cheddar, organic vegetables and fruits, finger food, porridge, fish and stews. He laps whatever that is offered to him in a good manner usually. Me, a proud mama, is happy to say that he eats his vegs!

Occasionally he gets a choc muffin, ice cream and treats that kids get... My dad used to go "ICE CREAM" and that would stop the lil boy in his tracks. He would do anything for ice cream...

Just today, we had sushi and sashimi for dinner.. and the boy just goes for the cucumber ones. Funny as.

I'm just glad that he's not a fussy eater. Another four more months and Baby J joins the wagon. I can't imagine my children not loving their food. It's just too good to miss.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


We are staying in today.

The weather is C R A Z Y.

It started out warm this morn. Then it started raining heavily. The winds are strong. There is hail in some parts of the state.

O the joys of living in Melbourne.

Both boys are sleeping right now. Cos the room is warm with the heater running.

Jules is in town! She's out at the Great Ocean Rd right now. I sure hope that the journey is smooth, considering the weather..

Anywayz I better get back to me chores!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Brothers in Action

Kayden sayang-ing his younger brother

Chirpy Baby J

Not a day goes by without a smack!

Baby J in his full chubba-ness

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Belinda Emmett

I dun normally write about current affairs. This is seriously starting to be, oh wait... it is a baby blog! Aiks!

But I read something that made me feel so sad that I have to jot this down.

Rove McManus' [of Rove Live] wife, Belinda Emmett, has passed on early this morning. Itz so sad because she's only 32 years of age. Had battled cancer for the last eight years. Met her husband in the midst of her fight and they'd only just got married last year.

They were unlike any other celebrity couple. They had a private life. Some thing so rare these days. He was fiercely protective of her in every way and yet... showed the public how wonderfully blessed he was to have her.

He was once quoted, "I would give every single award back, just to have her get better."

How terribly endearing is that?

I told Darien that it only shows the fraility of human life and asked if he would be devasted if anything were to happen to me. He just said, "No... Can we not talk about all these sad things tonight?"

It's a tough subject to broach. But one day we will have to talk about it. Maybe not now but some time soon...

RIP Belinda.


Haven't been feeling 100 percent lately.

The nose is stuck and the throat is scratchy.

Both boys are feeling it too. And they've got mucus-ey noses and are coughing a lil.

Not Good.

Oh well... at least we've got Baby J's eczema sorted out so he's a happy trooper now. No more dry itchy flakey skin. It's back to baby softness and goodness now.

AND I'll try not to jinx myself BUT he is starting to sleep through the night. Yippeez! I am so excited that I cannot tell you how elated I am.

Anywayz am feeling a tad better but still a bit woozy. Better go off to bed now!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Me Tsubi jeans [a gift from the big man] arrived bright and early this morning. Sent by dear Harold from Startrack Express...

I wasn't that pleased to hear the intercom ringing at eight but someone had to wake up to pick the parcel up.

Anyway took it out of the bag and it fit nicely around the thighs and legs but it wouldn't button up. Plus I wasn't that in love with it. It simply wasn't the look that I wanted...

So off it goes back to where it came from and the gals from mycatwalk.com has kindly replied my email about the exchange for the Tsubi Vintage Scooter 05.

Just to make sure that I would fit into it, I went to FAT and tried it on and it was a dream. Just wat I wanted. So hopefully this would be it...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Wiggles

I have to say... that I normally dun really support commercial children's TV.

I think it probably stems from the product endorsements and toys that follow the program. This kinda turns me off.

It just reminds me of the days when McD's would advertise to children so that they would convince their parents to bring them there.

Anyway Kayden watches Baby Einstein Dvds a couple of times a week. They play classical music while flashing images of actual objects. He's learnt quite a bit from that.

Today I was turning on my Foxtel when I decided to peruse the children's section. Turns out they were going to show "The Wiggles" in a couple of minutes. So I decided to curb my curiosity about this kids phenomenon. How can four grown men be that attractive?

So I switched the channel and they were singing and dancing @ the start of the show. I got Kayden to dance with the songs and HE LIKES IT! Oh man...

He actually sat on my lap for almost the entire show, and stood up when the songs came on and wiggled his lil bum to them. Funny as.

The show turned out to be rather educational. They were teaching the kids about healthy eating, not that my son understands. But it wasn't as bad as what I thought.

Told his Daddy about it and he just laughed.. We just might've created a Wiggles fan today. Oh dear...

F.O.U.R. Years!

Who would've thought it has only been four years?

Darien and I have just celebrated our anniversary. And it was Cup day!

It was just a simple day with the kids. Coffee in the morning at Providore. Followed by takeaway lunch and then catching up on the Melbourne Cup! And then it was DVDs time.

We couldn't make it out of the house for a good intimate dinner becos we didn't have a sitter. So the husband promised to make it up when we head back to Singers.. now that I can't wait...

But we spent a lot of time just chilling out and enjoying each other's company. It was the nicest day with no agenda.

IT has been an intensive four years. Itz like our lives had gone on the fast track. He has been a wonderful husband. The easiest [though the messiest] person to live with. He gives the best bear hugs ever...

I never thought that Darien would be the kind of Daddy that he is. Loving, patient and playful.. he has always been there for the kids. And I think that blows me away.

Above all, he is a great friend. Someone whom I have a silly time with. He comforts me when I'm feeling down. Listens to my words when I wanna speak and gives me the space to grow into the woman that I'm meant to be. Sometimes drives me up the wall with his funny research findings and all.

I love you, babe. Oh gawd! Who's to know what will be thrown into our laps in the years to come. But I'm pretty sure that there's nothing that we can't handle. After all, what can be harder than juggling two kids within a span of two years.

I'm glad that I've got you, even though you annoy the crap outta me sometimes. And I'm probably the only person who can understand your crazy lifestyle and occasionally weird dietary regimes. But opposites attract, I suppose. Especially in our case.. *winkz*

Anyway I can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together and see how it all turns out. I'm sure we will have a crazy unpredictable ride, as we always do.
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